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The 2nd Generation Boot just received a little upgrade. It is the same great boot but the insert is now sewn in and the velcro attachment to hold the boot in place is set higher than it previously was. The 2.5 Generation Tail Boot is still our most commonly sold boot and they are known for their ability to hold up for years while protecting your horses tail!

The Tail Boot is a strong and durable alternative to the traditional tail bag. It is backed by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. The Tail boot is constructed of a durable neoprene shell that is waterproof. The wrap comes in many different sizes to fit all equines and it is a perfect way to wrap and protect your horses beautiful tail. Throw out those tail extensions and give The Tail Boot a try! To determine sizing watch the video below to learn how to measure. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to email us at Sizing is based mostly off of the thickness, however if you have a horse with an extremely long tail their sizing may be different. It is always best to measure and see what size would be best for your horse or you're welcome to send us a picture of your horses tail to help determine size needed.

Quick Sizing Tip:

XS- chewed off tail, more than 3" (there must be enough to braid and secure end of tail with electrical tape because it's more secure than an elastic) and less than 6" of braided tail.

S- Mini pony or hock length tail, some thick tailed weanlings and most yearlings.

M- Most common size, tail can touch ground but isn't thicker than your point finger and thumb wrapped around the tail under tail bone. Also will fit a thicker chewed off tail.

L- Long, thick tail can get thumb and pointer finger around hair at base of tailbone but is more of a challenge.

XL- Gypsy or extra thick tail (please note if your tail is super thick we can also custom size one to fit but we need the circumference or length measurement of the tail wrapped up).

Please Note*** The 2nd Generation is our most commonly sold boot. 


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