Itzy Bitzy Spyder- 2014 Sorrel Gelding Heel/BK Started Goats/Poles

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Spyder is a great, reliable heel/breakaway horse, that would make a pole horse in a flash (video is 1 day through them). He is also pretty fun to tie goats off of. He is the go to for my nieces when they come to ride. This past fall we won a round in the #10 at the IMPRA Finals and placed in the average. My husbands has also placed on him numerous times in the heeling at local jackpots. He has sat around since last fall when I hurt my shoulder and this past week I pulled him out of the pen, roped one day on him and hauled him to a breakaway jackpot. We ended up 3rd (he felt great, I'm just rusty from no practice and recovering from a hurt shoulder). Spyder is easy to catch, he's currently barefoot (he's got great feet) and he doesn't have any holes as far as riding, roping, etc but he does have a partially clouded right eye (he still has vision but about 50%). We've raised and trained this gelding from the start and besides his eye, he hasn't coliced or had any soundness issues. If you'd like to schedule a time to come and try him call 208-420-7451. Located in Jerome, ID

Maintenance: He does have some lysis on his hocks (pictures below) and his left hock is fusing. The vet recommended to keep him on anti-inflammatory meds but suggested not to inject because it slows fusion. He

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